I love our planet Earth. My precious planet. It is my temple.

I prefer preaching love instead of hate. I want to have my voice in it. This is my life.

Welcome to my world!


I am unique. Like everyone else. Have my own quirks. Why not embrace it and move forward? To explore the depths of our humanity. Our intelligence.  Animals intelligence. And find a way to understand this magnificent planet full of life without the limitations of our so-called civilization.

I was born in Turkey-İstanbul. My family has roots in Crimea, the Aegean, Anatolia, Baghdad, Egypt, and Ethiopia. And from very early on I experienced every color, every kind of religion in my extended family. So I learned to question everything around me before I learned to read or write. Big fan of the concept of exploring the ideas.

I am curious. Like a child. I am an introvert and extrovert at the same time. Complicated, like everyone else. Loved and surrounded by my tribe yet still, I can be alone in my head.

I am an early riser. Since I was a little kid, I always appreciated mornings more than evenings. Mornings are more serene to me. More promising. Just before the fuss of daily life starts you can create a million worlds. Daydream as much as you can.




I am a dreamer. Wonderer. Hopeless romantic. That’s why I love reading. That’s why I’m writing. Being part of other people’s lives. Try to make sense of their world. Since we all experience totally different aspects of this journey we call ‘Life’.

I am a mother. Hopefully a decent guide for another human being. A keeper. A protector for his right to experience this world however it fits for him. And it’s getting harder and harder since we have too much negativity in this world. Whatever our race, gender, or creed might be, we are bound by endless restrictions preventing us from fulfilling ourselves. Yet, here we are. Proud and free.

I am a tireless student of life itself. Learning our history on this planet. Dig into anthropology, sociology, mythology, and history. I studied İndology, Philosophy.

I write, paint, and tell stories. Good for ancient times. Not useful in the age of ‘machines’. Not every parent’s dream child. Luckily my parents are bigger dreamers than I.


Thousands of years of Stories


I listen everything, and I listen very carefully. So I can hear life itself.

I love linguistics, ethology, behavioral science. It fascinates me how we (humans, animals, and other species) communicate with each other. Find ways to explain ourselves. For me, it’s the most exciting aspect of being on this planet. That’s why I think about concepts all the time. That’s why I love philosophy the most.

Since this pandemic started, our lives became necessarily more introverted. People have more time in their hands than usual. Lots of people are questioning their lives. Looking for deeper meaning.  Without a job to go every morning, what are we doing here?

Well, first and foremost we have thousands of years of history on this planet. We have built great civilizations. Maybe they were much more modern in many ways compared to ours. And now we have great tools in our hands yet we choose to use these tools to mock each other. Debase one another.

Instead, I try to understand everyone’s journey. Respect life itself. Humbled by its beauty.

I always love a good laugh. The same enthusiastic kid, smiling all the time with my mom.

The pieces you are going to read are my take on life. Parts of my dream to build myself to be a more inclusive human being.

I believe we can do better.

Have a lovely journey